UK National Weather Forecast


England and Wales will be dry with hazy sunshine and it will feel rather warm. It will be cloudier with a few showers for parts of Scotland. Meanwhile, there is the chance of a few showers in the southwest later.


Overnight will see some scattered showers, perhaps thundery, affecting western parts of England and Wales. Mostly dry elsewhere, with some low cloud and coastal fog developing in the northeast.

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Weather At Popular Destinations

European cities

Amsterdam: Clear skies, 15°C
Barcelona: Light rain, 15°C
Berlin: Clear skies, 16°C
Paris: Clear skies, 12°C
Prague: Clear skies, 13°C
Rome: Clear skies, 14°C

World cities

Hong Kong: Partly cloudy, 31°C
Johannesburg: Clear skies, 15°C
Los Angeles: Overcast, 14°C
New York City: Light rain, 10°C
Singapore: Light thunderstorm rain, 29°C
Sydney: Clear skies, 22°C

Current Temperatures

Friday, 6 May 2016 - 8:17 BST

United Kingdom & Ireland Current Temperatures

Current UK City Weather

Glasgow: Medium-level cloud, 10°C
Belfast: Low-level cloud, 9°C
Newcastle: Medium-level cloud, 10°C
Birmingham: Medium-level cloud, 10°C
Cardiff: Low-level cloud, 13°C
Bristol: Low-level cloud, 13°C
London: Low-level cloud, 12°C