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This Evening and Tonight

Much of England and Wales, bar the far north, will see further rain overnight, some will be heavy and perhaps thundery in the southeast. Clearer with scattered showers for Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Cloudy for much of England and Wales with occasionally heavy rain moving east, but some brightness for the west later. Scotland and Northern Ireland will be brighter with scattered showers.

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Weather At Popular Destinations

European cities

Amsterdam: Mostly cloudy, 21°C
Barcelona: Clear skies, 26°C
Berlin: Clear skies, 23°C
Paris: Clear skies, 28°C
Prague: Clear skies, 26°C
Rome: Clear skies, 26°C

World cities

Hong Kong: A few clouds, 27°C
Johannesburg: Clear skies, 19°C
Los Angeles: Clear skies, 29°C
New York City: Clear skies, 31°C
Singapore: Mostly cloudy, 28°C
Sydney: Clear skies, 10°C

Current Temperatures

Sunday, 30 August 2015 - 20:56 BST

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Current UK City Weather

Glasgow: Medium-level cloud, 10°C
Belfast: Low-level cloud, 9°C
Newcastle: Medium-level cloud, 10°C
Birmingham: Medium-level cloud, 10°C
Cardiff: Low-level cloud, 13°C
Bristol: Low-level cloud, 13°C
London: Low-level cloud, 12°C